The invention for all your needs at an affordable price

The features of the Thing-A-Ma-Jig are something from the future, new to the business world! Home appliances, items for work, anything you need at a push of a button! You can purchase cartridges with the items you require.

Consumer goods

- Appliances, furniture, clothes, etc.


- Weapons for self-defense, hunting, etc.

Our targeted demographic for this product are college students, newly-weds, anyone who would be furnishing a home or a dorm.

Future Thinking Inc is located at 1823 West Broadway in Logansport, Indiana.

The Thing-A-Ma-Jig is sold at stores such as, Home Depot, Macy's, Sears, etc. (May vary depending on what state you are in)

The Thing-A-Ma-Jig will cost $50

(When you purchase the Thing-A-Ma-Jig, it comes with a cartridge of consumer goods and defense. Additional cartridges will cost $10, and can be purchased at the same store you bought the unit at.)   

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