Catcher In The Rye
Cultural Assumptions #3
Social Conformity

Social conformity is when you fulfil societies expectations to fit into a certain group. Therefore the majority of people who do are phonies (fakes).


Holden As An Outsider

Majority of  the novel concerns Holden's problems in forming relationships. In many parts of the novel we find Holden telling us how lonely he feels.

This is shown by his increasingly desperate attempts to become friends with people. Since the beginning of the novel Holden has trouble getting along well with others.

My Example from the Novel

"I didn't much want to see it, but I knew old Sally, the queen of the phonies, would start drooling all over the place when I told her i had tickets for that, because the Lunts were in it and all. "

Yes. J.D. Salinger challenges these cultural assumptions through Holden.

The reason why Holden can't stay with a group of friends for too long is because he thinks everyone in his world is a phony. Therefore he can't trust anyone. The only person who he can talk to, idolise, and make himself comfortable with, is his little sister, Phoebe.

Comment Stream

2 years ago

1. Find the cultural assumption being discussed. Do you think it is outlined and described clearly? Reading your cultural assumption, Social Conformity. I feel that you have clearly outlined and described the meaning of Social Conformity by including the video.

2. Do the examples help you to understand the cultural assumption? If not make suggestions about what they can include to help you understand. I don't really understand the examples, I feel that you need to include and described what happens in the event from the start of the book when Holden has trouble getting along with his friends.

3. Can you identify the elements of novel used by the author to show the cultural assumption. If not make a comment that they need to include this. The element used is clearly stated as the author uses characterisation.

4. Have they linked the cultural assumption to context? (Do they make comments about the time and place the novel was written and how the cultural assumption links to this time and place?) Need to link the assumption to the time in which it took place (written). To help explain the examples.

5. Can you identify the author of the novel and their view about the cultural assumption ? If not make suggestions about where they can include the author and how the author presents the assumption. e.g. accept, reject, question, challenge. Clearly identified the author and their view about the assumption.

6. Can you find any distinct similarities or differences between you novel and your partner's novel? Our novels are linked by our authors as they use characterisation to show the element.