Nerva- "One of the Greatest Emperors"

This is an presentation about the life of "One of Ancient Rome's Greatest Emperors", Nerva. You will learn what he did throughout his life and much more.

The picture above is Mausoleum of Augustus.

General Facts

Before everyone called him "Nerva" his real name was Marcus Cocceius Nerva.

Nerva was born November 8, 30 AD and died January 27, 98 AD.

He was born into a patrician family.

Nerva had one sister named "Cocceia".

His grandfather was a consul under Tiberius.

Died from a fever.

On the day of Nerva's burial, there was an eclipse of the sun.

Was considered "One of the Greatest Emperors" because he was the father of Trajan.

The Early Years

There aren't as many memories of Nerva's childhood. As stated before, Nerva was born November 8, 30 BC. Nerva, during his child years lived in a village in this country called Narni in Italy. Located 50 kilometers north of Rome. He was born into the family of a wealthy lawyer whose lifestyle was holding high office. Nerva's great grandfather was a consul in 36 BC and his grandfather had been a member of emperor Tiberius's imperial group. Nerva's mother was the great granddaughter of Tiberius to be exact. So, Nerva had very superb connects in the world of ruling.

This picture shows Narni, Italy.

Nerva's Career

Nerva wasn't just an emperor for Ancient Rome. Before he was an emperor, he pursued the path of being a priest. In a more formal way, he was called an augur. An augur was an religious representative who scrutinized natural signs, especially on the behavior of birds. Interpreting these actions as an indication of approval or disapproval of a proposed action. Another career he followed was being an praetor designate in 65 BC. An praetor designate was an annually elected magistrate of the Roman Republic. Ranking below, but having about the same functions as a consul. Nerva was a very useful resource in revealing the conspiracy of Piso against the emperor Nero.

This picture is Nerva taking action.

Nerva's Adopted Son

Nerva's son real name was Marcus Ulpius Trajanus, but people called him Trajan. Trajan was born September 18, 52 AD. His Spanish ancestry  made him the first Roman emperor to have not originated from Italy. Trajan was adopted to Nerva after he realized that the throne would be vacant unless he adopted a heir. The official adoption happened at the end of October 97 AD during a public ceremony at the Capitol. So after Nerva pasted on, Trajan took his place as emperor of Ancient Rome.

The picture above is Trajan, Nerva's adopted son.

Nerva's Death

Nerva died January 28, 98 AD after a reign that lasted for 16 months. He died from a tragic case of fever. After getting so overwhelmed, Nerva started to break into a sweat. Very soon after the sweats, Nerva got a fever, and died shorty. As a sign of respect, his ashes were placed in the Mausoleum of Augustus, next to the Julio-Claudian emperors.

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