Poodles -May Be Your Best Companion

Dogs have been always a great friend of man. When we talk about Poodles, they have specially earned a special place due to their outstanding intelligence, pleasing nature and high energy. They can be easily trained and made to adapt to any kind of task that is coming their way.

Poodle breeds are available in different temperament, colors and sizes. They mostly come in three sizes namely Standard, Miniature and Toy. They are found in different colors and weighing from 2 to 70 pounds. They are intelligent creatures where Standard Poodle tops the list.

Toy Poodles are about 6-9 pounds in weight and are more or less 10 inches in size. There are Poodles smaller than 9 inches and around 6 pounds called as Teacups Puppies. It has been noted that Teacups are not considered as a suitable pet for houses with small children due to its small stature and weak body.

On the other hand, Miniature Poodles are considered best puppies for the families with small children as they are very energetic, attention seekers and clownish nature. They weigh about 15-17 pounds and are around 10-15 inches tall. They have better temperament compared to Teacups and Toys still they need to be trained well, so as to be kept under control.

Standard Poodle is the biggest among them and they weigh about 45-70 pounds. They are more than 15 inches tall and are calmest among the breeds. They are good learners and can turn out as an amazing creatures when trained well.

Poodles have a life span of 12-15 years. They are jealous creatures who tries to seek attention. Many of the Poodle owners describe them as friendly, loving, silly, loyal, devoted, smart and fun.

Do a little homework before buying a Poodle for your own. Look out for the size and temperament of the Poodle so as to suit your home. It is recommended to spend some money and go for the best breeders if you have plans to buy them. Shelter and rescue homes may even help you to end your search.

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