Johnny Carson  By:Alex Wright


photo essay is on My Johnny Carson. Johnny Carson helped people have courage to stand in front of a big crowd. He loved to entertain people with magic. He inspired a lot of people to follow there dreams and never give up.

Early Life

Johnny Carson was born October 23, 1925 in Corning, Iowa. He had two siblings. He loved to entertain people. Before he had to go to bed he would listen to radio shows at night. At age 8 his family moved to Norfolk. He learned how to reel in audiences. He fell in love with magic at 12 years old. He purchased magic kits through the mail. He began performing magic tricks in public as the great Carson. He went to high school in 1943. When he was 18 he joined the U.S. Navy.

Adult Life

studying at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln. He got his BA in radio and speech as an ensign who decoded messages. After College he worked as a Television writer for Red Skelton. He moved to New York City because they had larger audiences in 1962. Next he got a job at TV station in Hollywood. Then he got a call to perform at the farewell show in 1992 and got 50 million viewers. Next he became a talk show host of the tonight show. He hosted the tonight show for thirty years. Johnny Carson went in and out of relationships throughout his life. He got married four separate times. Johnny Carson died in west Hollywood on January 23 ,2005 at age 79. He died from a Emphysema which is caused by smoking. Johnny Carson served aboard the USS Pennsylvania. Then he was assigned combat duty in 1945.In fall of 1945 Johnny Carson started.


Johnny Carson had many accomplishments through out his life. He was a television writer for Red Skelton. He was the host of the tonight show. Johnny Carson earned a few awards. One of his awards was a Peabody Award. Then he earned six Emmy Award. He got a president medal of freedom earned. He attracted 50 million viewers. He was known for being the host of the tonight show for thirty years. Johnny Carson played in a lot of movie performances. He created T.V programs.


Johnny Carson became fames when he was twelve. He started performing magic tricks as the great Carson. He effected life today because he was trying to teach people to follow your heart and that’s what he did. He wanted to entertain people and a lot of people are starting to do that because Johnny Carson inspired people to have fun. Johnny Carson was one of the best entertainers in life's history.


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