ageFINE & STAYFINE WITH WIDTH: Word Image Design Through Habits


Dr. Stayfine Ronnie C. Wright’s new seminar,

ageFINE & STAYFINE WITH WIDTH: Word Image Design Through Habits,

provides a foundation for multi-tasking in a demanding world by increasing [abc] > awareness, balance & conditioning to [change] > creating habits around new growth everyday to reduce stress. Dr. Stayfine, the world's first Acroneticist, award-winning inventor of Acronetics, Neuroacronetics, Width Computing, Rollball Game, the Stayfine Diet and author of 15 books is focused [you] > your own uniqueness and your own understanding. He’s an inventor, author, speaker, filmmaker, photographer, poet and walker known for historic 100 mile solo walk from Beverly Hills to Ojai, California, in September 2011. In his seminar, he discusses the power of "WIDTH" to help individuals "Stayfine" short for: Fit.Intelligent.Natural.Energetic with Food.Innovation.Networking.Entertainment. He also discusses something that he coined [DNA] > Dynamic Neurological Activation found in words and images.