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About B2B Staffing Services

With more than a century of combined experience among its personnel in a variety of information technology, engineering, and other fields, B2B Staffing and Payroll Services provides a complete range of essential functions in the service industry. Founded in 2006, B2B Staffing maintains operations in over 30 states, seeking to expand into all 50 states as the company continues to grow. B2B Staffing has seen continual success throughout the recession and economic crisis, and it has recorded a profit in each year of operation. B2B Staffing serves its community with dedication and commits to a policy of integrity and top-quality service for its clients.

B2B Staffing provides a wide variety of services, from project design, aerospace and defense, and software to clerical or accounting work. B2B Staffing offers temporary placement, consulting, permanent full-time, and temporary-to-hire services for employers. The firm fields a team of experienced recruiters to find the right person for any job in many industries, such as energy, system engineering, bookkeeping, and finance. Many people have found desirable employment through B2B Staffing, and consultants have returned to work for B2B Staffing on multiple occasions.

For employers in need of a reliable payroll service, B2B Staffing and Payroll Services offer secure and easy payroll options. B2B Staffing prides itself on having never missed a payment in the company's history, and all employees' payments are treated with care. Employers can benefit from a fast, safe, and convenient pay cycle process using direct deposit to employees' accounts, an accurate time-tracking system, and automated e-mail notifications. Tax and other financial forms are sent electronically for efficiency and security.

Prospective job seekers and employers can find job listings and more information regarding the services available from B2B Staffing and Payroll Services at www.b2bstaffingservices.com.

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