Do you want to learn about sharks? They are one of the hardest beast in the he ocean. This book is going to be about sharks. The hardest ones in the ocean!!! Like: big, fast and deadly. Alomast you can get chopped by one diete. But one do´s nothing to you but it is massive. That sharks I am going to tell you about!!! Because my dad went scubaing and he found them and he told me everything.!!! So today I am going to tell you all of my chapters her they are: Grate white shark, whale shark and maco shark.

Whale shark!!!

This shark is cool!! It is the best because it does´t kill you. It looks like a whale. Frist, you can swim with him. It is the beast shark ever. According to Lynn stone, ¨The biggest animal in the water. They are very easy to kill. Because he do not attack back. If you kill him you will be very sad. Finally if you want to find this amassing shark, it is in the bottom of the ocean. almost to a cave. Would you like to swim with that shark? Yes or no.


Later you will see the try to beat him in swimming. ]The maco shark the beast of the caching fish. He looks awful all blood terrifying  his face. He can almost take on the Grate white shark. He is not parful but he is very fast. The fastest  in the sea He dosen´t go to deep in the sea because he wants to catch fish Do not try to beat it in a swimming contents. Warring My feeling is too not even touch him you can not swim.

grate white shark

do you want to lern about the grate wire shark the best in the baest in the ocen nothing can get in its way becuse he is the beast of the ocaen  it can see pople from 10,000 feet oway  dont  even try to attack him go find out of these sharks.



Go look for more books or web shites the sharks are not more dangres than mosquitos.  The mosquitos kill 1,000 more people each year but still look at them closele you may find somthing nobody note.  not to close of all these sharks wich won is more dedly.

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