Severe Thunderstorms

What Are Historical Examples

In 1963, 81 passengers died from strikes of lightning heading back to Dover, Delaware.

In 1995, the storm in Forth Worth, Texas is known as the costliest storm in U.S history. Within the storm, the wind speed reached 60-70 miles per hour.

How is it Formed?

It is formed by unstable air (warmer piece of air), moisture, (water vapor in the air), and lift, (forming from fronts or sea breezes.) Also a cumulus cloud leading to a cumulonimbus.

How Did it Impact?

Within the storm of Fort Worth, Texas, 100 people were injured, (none died). Although, the damage cost a whopping 2 billion dollars. In the storm of Dover, Delaware, 81 people were found diseased, (dead). There was no evidence of injured people.

How Do You Prepare for a Storm?

Just like for a tornado, you want to get to low ground, but you don't want to lay straight flat. Otherwise the lightning will have a better chance to strike you. In the process of preparation, you should always watch for local thunderstorm warnings.

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