Meteors, Asteroids, and Comets....

Meteors, meteorites, and meteoroids can be confusing alone- but what's the difference between meteors, asteroids, and comets? That's why we are here to help!


Asteroids are bigger than meteors, meteorites, and meteoroids, but they are still rocky like them. They are still fairly small, but they can cause major damage to objects like spaceships and shuttles. Asteroids are known as planetoids of other planets and moons. Many asteroids have hit Earth in the past and will probably hit Earth in the future.


Comets are created with dust and ice. This is the first thing that makes comets unique. Asteroids and meteors are made of rocky materials. Whenever they get close to the Sun they heat up and produce gases. Comets have tails. If you have ever seen a comet in the sky, you might have spotted a white line behind it. That is called a tail. Comets are the easiest celestial object to be set apart so...... that's easier for you!

Now you know the Difference!!!

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