Pedatric Nurse

This  job requires you to get along with babies, children, and adolescents(young adults). In this field you will need to give developmental screenings and treat common illnesses like tonsillitis and chicken pox. Also give vaccines or immunizations to your patients. You will teach the patients caregivers about how to prevent childhood dieases and about proper nutrition for development and growth. Along with that you will work with  

Who's your boss?

Your boss is a pediatrician or the head nurse, but some nurses will have a different nurse.


~For your education you need to have an Associates or a Bachelor's degree                     ~To be able to work in this field you need to be able to speak to your patients and their caregivers                                                                                                                                                  ~Need to have Critical thinking skills, Compassion, Attention to detail, Organization skills, calm under pressure, patients, and communication skills.                                                ~For technology skills you need to know how to operate the machinery that is used in this field.


Give immunizations                                                                                                                               You will need to be able to counsel patients and their  care givers                                              routine check-ups


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