The Civil Rights Movement

By Daniel Fernandez

Brown Vs. Board of Education

A. A court case that involves a little African American girl that could not a tend a white people school that was a couple blocks from her house because she was black and instead head to attend a black school that was miles away.

B. The people involved were Oliver L. Brown, Harry Truman, and members of the Supreme Court

C. This Court case ended segregation in public schools.

Boycott of Segregated Bus System

A. A bus boycott in Montgomery, Alabama in which African Americans refused to ride the bus for 381 days.

B. The main people involved were Rosa Parks, Bus drivers, and the Freedom Riders

C. The result of this was that the Montgomery Supreme Court made and integrated Busing System

Integration Of Central Highschool

A. Nine Black African American students are escorted to Little Rock High School by the U.S. Army`s 101st Airborne Division in Arkansas, which happened to be one of the most segregated areas in the United States.

B. The Main People involved were the nine students, and President Eisenhower

C. First African American Students allowed in a White segregated school

First Lunch-Counter Sit-In

A. The first sit-in was done by students that attended the college of Greensboro, North Carolina. The sat in all white dinner where they were normally expected to stand

B. The four students and the owners of the restaurant

C. More than 50,000 Other blacks participated in sit-ins throughout the country.

Black Students and Civil Rights workers sit in white section of bus station

A. A non aggressive  black group that rode an all white bus

B. The Group of Activist, drivers, and the white riders

C. This was part of the freedom riders plans

Integration of the Universirty of Mississippi

A. a African American man named James Meredith tried to enroll in the University of Mississippi. Because of the the Kennedy Administration had to bring 31,000 National Guardsman.

B. James Meredith, National Guardsman

C. First attempt for an African American to enroll in a University.

Murder of NAACP Leaders Medgar Evers

A. Medgar Evers was murdered by Byron De La Beckwith

B. Medgar Evers and Byron De La Beckwith

C. Beckwith was pronounced non guilty two times  and then the case was reopened and pronounced guilty and sentenced to life in prison

Campaign to Desegrate City; Four Girls Killed in Bombing of Church Oxford

A. A white man bombed a church and killed 4 little girls at Sunday school

B. Denise McNair, Cynthia Wesley, Addie Mae Collins, Carole Robertson, The bomber, Other people at the church.

C. Martin Luther King spoke at each of the girls Funerals.

I have a Dream

A. Over 250,000 Men, Women, and Children gathered to listen to the famous speach given by Martin Luther King

B.Martin Luther King, all the people who went to listen

C. Sparked the March on Washington.

Murder of three Civil Rights Workers

A. Two white man and a black man that wart civil rights workers were shot and killed by members of the KKK. The men were not found until 44  days later buried in the earth.

B. James Chaney, Andrew Goodman, Micheal Schwerner, the KKK members.

C. The leader of the KKK was charged and sentenced to a long prison time of 60 years Which impacted the KKK

March to Montgomery

A. African Americans marched to protest a murder and there right to vote. Although the march was intended to be a peaceful one, it quickly escalated into a deadly one. 600 people were attacked by state troopers and they were all hurt from getting hit by baseball bats and tear gas.

B. Marchers, State troopers

C. President Lyndon Johnson made a very famous speech that introduced more voting rights.

Murder of Martin Luther King

A. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated on April 4th, 1968 when he was 39 by a man named James Earl Ray. Martin Luther King passed away on his way to St. Josephs Hospital in Memphis Tennessee.

B. Martin Luther King Jr., James Earl Ray, and the St. Josephs Hospital staff and doctors

C. Martin Luther King Jr.  was one of the most import and looked up people in the civil rights movement so it was a big blow to the African American people. There is now a day dedicated to him.

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