Melt Proof Container

By: Bradley Daniels, Luke Nichols, Jamie Thompson, and Carrie Jo Raider

This is the final version of our Melt Proof container design

So, this below picture is of us attempting to get a hole into the ice chunk for the thermometer for a more accurate reading of the thermometer

This is an attempt to get the thermometer inside of the ice chunk
This is a photo of your final design with the insulation

The photo above is a good visual showing of our layers of insulation. At first we had a layer of wax paper to attempt to keep the condensation in. Next we was some stretched up cotton balls to try and keep some of the colder air inside as well. Thirdly we had a layer of plastic wrap to hold the previous two layers in place. Finally we added a sheet of aluminum foil with the shiny side out to reflect the radiant heat from getting in as an aid to keep the ice cold.

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