Death Cloud


Sherlock Holmes is a 14 year old boy, who is on vacation from school. He plans to go home, but something is wrong. So Sherlock's older brother sent him to his Aunt and Uncles house, Holmes Manor. But when he gets there, he and his tutor find a dead body in the woods behind the Manor. Then they here of another dead body found in town. Both men had boils covering their dead bodies. Sherlock Holmes makes it his mission before the summer is over to unlock this gruesome mystery. Can he do it?


The setting of Death Cloud is in the 1860`s and it is in Hampshire United Kingdom.

Character Analysis

Sherlock Holmes is a very observant person. Sherlock also can`t stand not knowing something. Sherlock is a very considerate person. He saved Virginia Crowe, and Matty Arnatt. He also got hurt badly 3 times. He also was able to outrun about 5 of Barons best men in London, all of which were armed and Sherlock was not.

Plot Line

The exposition of this story is when Sherlock is at Deepdene School for Boys, a boarding school. His brother comes and tells him that things are not well at home and that he is going to stay with his unknown aunt and uncle. The rising action is when Sherlock and his tutor find the dead bodies. The climax is when Matty Arnatt, Amyus Crowe, Sherlock`s tutor, Virgiana Crowe, and Sherlock go to another continent looking for the Baron, the person behind the dead people, and they get chased across England. The falling action is when the boys find the place where they are keeping the bee`s and what the Baron`s  whole plan is.  The Resolution is when they temporarily stop the Baron from destroying the British.


The author of Death Cloud is Andrew Lane was published on June 4, 2010. Macmillan Books published Death Cloud for Andrew Lane.

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