Kourtney Toomey & Naya Cheatem

A Holocaust survivor shows off his tattoo given to him by German soldiers in Auschwitz. The prisoners selected to perform hard labor were given these tattoos. These numbers were sewn onto their prison uniforms.

This picture is of the male barracks during the Holocaust. They were resting on their bed made out of wood and sometimes metal. They weren't given mattresses or actual pillows, but they were given a tattered blanket to cover up with.

A Rwanda Genocide survivor explains his battle scars. He survived being hacked with a machete on the head 4 times. This genocide was between two groups- the Hutus and Tutsis. In 100 days, an estimated 800,000 Rwandans were killed.

The Rwandans express their grief by using their own family member's and friend's bodies to spell out the way that they feel about the genocide. They have had enough.

Congolese walk away from their friends and family as they lay to their death.

Congolese children cower under makeshift tents in a camp. There were not many resources, including food and shelter. These fugitives had to sit in the cold rain to feel safe.

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