Unit 1 Vocabulary
Made By Mya Ricks

  Setting: historical movement in time and geographic locaton      which the story takes place

Characterization: the creation and convincing representation of fictitious characters.

Theme: the lesson learned from the story.

resolution: a decision or determination

Conflict: the problem in the story

point of view: the position of a narrator in relation to the story

plot: the plan, scheme ,or main story of a literary or dramatic work.

Rising action: a related series of incidents in a literary plot that builds towards  the point of great interest.

Traits: characteristic or quality , of ones future.

Motives: something that causes a person to act a certain way

Falling action: part of plot that occurs after the conflict has been resolve

Support: to maintain advocate.

Evidence: proof of something

Claim: demand as a right or as due

Central Idea: the main focus of the plot

Climax: the turning point in the plot

Foreshadow: to show indicate before hand

Flashback: set of time earlier than the main story

Mood: a temporary state of mind and feeling

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