How to evaluate your meat at the store.

beef edition

This poster is made to help you know what to look for in your store bought beef and whether or not you should buy it based on the appearance. For beef marbling is good, now if you don't know what marbling is, it is the fat inside the cuts of meat. Even marbling will give you the most flavor and best texture , you will also be able to cook it longer without drying out your beef. I would suggest not getting a store brand meat, because typically that is a standard and commercial grade, which is one of the lowest grades beside utility, cutter, and caner grade. Instead look for prime or choice grades, because they are the two best with ideal marbling. Get the bargain for your buck, meaning if you have two steaks 2$ per pound, and one has an excessive amount of fat and gristle around it and the other has an ideal amount then the second will be better because you get more pleasurable steak for your money. Bones visible in the meat, other than a t bone or cut meant to have bone, because there could be other loose bone in the meat that you may miss. 

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