Six years in high school.

I've spent six years of my life at IES Honori García and here I've met some wonderful people, like Ximo, Mar or Manuel, that are now close friends of mine. I've also learnt a lot and I've been lucky enough to spend this time of my life with my friends, some of them people that I already knew from primary school, like Susana, Rosa or Aida.

School trips.

First, on 3rd of ESO, we travelled to Paris. We went there by bus, it was a 14 hour journey, and it was really exhausting because we couldn't sleep well. We visited many monuments, like the Eiffel Tower. When we reached the top of the tower you could see the whole city.

The first place we visited was the palace of Fontainebleau and then the Eiffel Tower. It was an intense first day because we were very tired from the journey. The next day we went to Notre-Dame, the Versailles palace and that night we made a boat trip across the Sein River, which was amazing because we got to see the Eiffel Tower illuminated. On the third day we went to the Louvre museum and our last day was a day trip to Disneyland Resort.

I loved every place that we visited but my three favorites were the Eiffel Tower, because of the view of the city that we had, the palace of Versailles and Disneyland, because since I was little I’ve always loved Disney.

In conclusion, I really loved Paris, it's an amazing and beautiful city and I would love to come back sometime in the future. The only thing that I disliked was the weather, because it was very cold and rainy, so if I ever come back, I would like to go in summer.

One year later we visited Italy. It was our end of term trip. We went there by plane and came back by boat. The weather was the opposite from Paris, since we went in summer.

We landed in Rome, and the first thing we visited was the Coliseum, then the Fontana. The next day we went to the Vatican and we walked around Rome. Then, on our way to Florence we visited a couple of villages. We spent our last day in Pisa.

My three favorite monuments were the Fontana, because it was really beautiful and we had the chance to throw a coin while making a wish, then the Piazza Venezia, that is located in Rome's city center and has the monument to Vittorio Emanuele II, that is called ''the wedding cake'' and Florence's cathedral. I also really loved the Tower of Pisa.

The worst thing about the trip was that on the first day we had to spend a lot of hours on each of the airports and we were very tired. We also had a bad time on the boat coming back home, because the sea was rough.

My classmates.

Since 4th of ESO I've had really good classes. Right now, I'm very happy with my classmates and I enjoy being with them.

What's  next?

We still have to overcome the final exams and PAU, but in less than a year we will be in university. You can either go far away from home or you can stay really close. I will go to Castellon's university (Jaume I Universitiy) to study English studies. I still don't know if I'll rent a flat there or if I'll grab a bus or a train, but I would really like to work during summer to earn money for the flat.

A song.

I identify this song, (I lived - OneRepublic) with my time here in high school because it's a song that talks about enjoying life while it goes on.

Motto for the future.

This quote has kept me positive and it helps me a lot when I have to study:

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