Rodrigo Renteria and Osman Padilla 5th period




Black Eagle: Hope In Times Of Darkness

Red: Blood Of The Enemy

Blue: Power Of Our People

White: Righteousness Of Our Leader




The name of this country will be Schwarzen Adler


The purpose of this country is to provide freedom.

Liberty by the people for the people. Our brave leader will care and protect the people of Schwarzen Adler.


You must encourage freedom. stride for a better life style. all male citizens will have job opportunities. respect to the ultimate leader is demanded. All citizens will be patriots, & love their country just as much as the country loves its citizens.


Cristiano Ronaldo is our brave leader. He was chosen by the people, and will remain our leader for 10 years. The people have the right to vote, this way we have a government by the people for the people. Checks and balances will be applied.


The government will provide a safe haven to those who need it. The government will provide security and will work to better the lives of its citizens. Will also provide education, and all resources needed to achieve happiness.


1. Freedom of speech and freedom of religion cannot be taken away.

2. Freedom to bear arms.

3. Acts Racism will not be tolerated.

4. Equality will be enforced.

5. No Diving during football matches.

6. If you are weak you will be sent to concentration camps

7. Rap battles will be held once a week in the trap house.

8. Only people in power can own traphouses.

9. Failure to follow these laws will lead to concentration camps.

10. Murder will not be tolerated & people found guilty will be sent to concentration camps.

11. Failure to graduate from high school will lead to concentration camps.

12. Everyone must have the national flag on their front door .

13. Must have a goal set to accomplish by middle school or it will lead to concentration camps.

14. If caught helping the enemy, that will lead to immediate torture.

15. If caught with alcohol when driving, that will lead to concentration camps.

16. Weed and LSD are the only drugs available to the public without a pharmacist consent.

17. Alcohol is legal at 20.

18. Rape and pedophilia will not be tolerated.

19. Anyone who plays tuba shall be named king of the trap house for a week.

20. If caught listening to Iggy Azalea, you will be sent to the nearest Insane Asylum immediately

21. Jet fuel can't melt steel beams


All citizens will have equal opportunities at education and anyone can go to college if they meet the requirements. (Money is not an obstacle)Schools will not discriminate.


The symbol is a black eagle which symbolises hope in the darkness


The mighty Black Eagle

Cristiano Ronaldo

Ronaldo is the most amazing musician to ever grace the planet. He can play every instrument that has ever been invented and can rhyme faster than “Busta Rhymes”. He is also known to be very fast and strong. Ronaldo can bench over 9000 tons of metal, run 25 times the speed of light but chooses not to. Ronaldo is one of the lizard people but chose not to take over the world. He is said to be the smartest of all men on Earth but is as meek as a lamb. Ronaldo is one of the most attractive men to ever live, He has won numerous debates against Charles Dawkins, Neil deGrasse Tyson, and Bill Nye, although he still considers himself agnostic. When he was younger, he learned over 2000 languages in a period of 10 years. He can read the minds of anyone around him. If Ronaldo was to use any of his powers, it would drain his life immediately causing him to age quickly and most certainly die. He doesn't need to breathe, drink, eat, or sleep. He is God.

Humble Beginnings

There are many different tales of our ultimate leader such as he moved the boulder to let Jesus out his grave. When Ronaldo left his house, he told his dad, “You're the man of the house now”. Some say that Ronaldo once broke a mirror in front of a black cat while standing under a ladder, on Friday the 13th, and the next day he won the lottery. Nonetheless, all those rumors are true but now it is time for his origin to be revealed.

He was born on October 9th, 1940, to a family or small wealth. He was very smart for his age and finished college when he was 5. After finishing college he was asked to help build an atomic bomb from the government and he built it in the summer of 1945 with help from Albert Einstein. He relied on the government’s funding for the rest of his life. He was a CIA agent but came back to the surface in 1963, when he released his debut album with The Beatles called “Please Please Me” and received major success with band until they broke off on April 10th, 1970.

He was quiet for some time then he took the stage once again as “Michael Jackson” and released his hit album “ Thriller” on November 30th, 1982.In 1992, he started a presidential campaign and won on January 20th 1993. He then changed his name to Clinton Shakur on February 13th, 1993 and released his second solo and first rap album named “All Eyez On Me”. He was president until 2001 when he was impeached for having relations with his secretary.

He was under the radar until February 10th, 2004, when he released his second rap album named “The College Dropout” . He went on extreme fitness training camp to become a professional soccer player. Then in 2009 he was signed by Real Madrid for one hundred thirty-one million dollars. In 2011 he went on a mission with some seals and shot Osama Bin Laden although Robert O’Neil received credit. Then in 2012, a radical group named Terra Harmony took control of the United States and the first to respond was Ronaldo. He now leads Schwarzen Adler to liberty and destroys all evil in his way.

National Anthem

        ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

DJ Khaled!!!

May it fly high

More than the condor and the Black Eagle

And its wings, may it raise up to the

Sky Viva la revolucion, our name,


Viva la revolucion, Viva la revolución,

Viva la revolucion.

Orientals, the Fatherland or the grave,

Liberty or with glory we die!

We ask for wisdom for our people

That we may live in actual harmony!

For liberty be liberty.

God keep our land glorious and free!

Schwarzen Adler! True founders of chaos (;


Room 420

The ministry is not what it seems. People are influenced to believe it is a safe haven for those with “troubled minds”. In 2013, WikiLeaks leaked an audio recording of what seemed to be torture. In 2014 our team interviewed a man who escaped from Room 420. He was tortured for a year and he said that everyday he was beat up the guards and was forced to listen to country.

It was a lot worse when they had acquired information of your fears. He would always see different people “break” on the first day they got there. Only a few of the people that made it out were slightly capable of thinking straight without trauma haunting them every minute. That same year, a man who performed acts of tortured turned escaped as well and had confessed what he had done. He had once strapped a man’s head inside a cage and had filled it with scorpions, which ended up killing him. He had traumatized and killed many others more.

This year we sent two undercover agents to purposely get caught to acquire more information on the room. It was a seven-day operation that could determine life or death. They had very small cameras attached to their boots. The recording was then streamed to a database where they would map out the building. Unfortunately one of our agents was taken into Room 420 sooner than the other and we got a closer look at the room, but we lost a brave soul doing so. What they did to him was horrible; they began peeling his skin off slowly while he was still alive. The world as he knows it, was over. We broke in to save the surviving member and that’s last time we heard of Room 420.

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