mLearning for K-12

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The elements in action

This app is accessible in the iTunes store! It is available for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. This app takes a twist on the periodic table, by making it come alive! You can click on an element and watch videos about their interesting and unique properties! This could be used in a high school science classroom to supplement the otherwise boring memorization of periodic table properties!

Draw Something

This app is very fun and popular! It is available for iPad and iPhone. This app allows you to play with friends and earn coins while learning. You get a choice of three words. You must draw one for your friend, and they must guess! It could be used in an elementary classroom. The children would be learning to read the words, visualize them, draw them, and interpret their friends' images.

Skyview- Explore the universe

This app is available from the iTunes store for both iPad and iPhone. This app allows you to point your device towards the sky, and using location technologies, the device will show planets and constellations. This could be used for junior high students exploring the solar system. It is best used at night, so it could be some homework to supplement what they learn in class. That way, the solar system will be more relavant to their lives because they can actually experience and see it.

Math drills lite

This app is also available from the iTunes store for both iPad and iPhone. It would be very valuble for elementary students learning math. It presents math problems and various ways to solve them, including using blocks, your fingers, number lines, etc. A student can see what method works best for them to solve math problems, using technology!


This app is available from the iTunes store for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. This app is more for organizational purposes than for learning. It could be used at most grade levels. It allows you to input homework, assignments, tests, and other important information. All of this is then stored in one place! I could use this in my classroom to make sure all students know what they need to do, and can keep their homework organized in one place!

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