"The Giver" by Lois Lowry.

In "The Giver", they have changed to controlling everything, the weather, what you see, they even make everyone look similar. Jonas is one of the few that were born with light colored eyes. These people usually become the giver. the giver is the person who keeps all memories from before similarity.

As Jonas goes through training, he began to see color. He was frighted when he started to see color, but then the giver explained it to him.

The community is where everyone lives. As each kid gets older, they get a new "item". When they reach the age of 12, they get an assignment, which to us is a job.

Jonas has now gone through the ceremony of twelve. He was assigned a job and it was the giver. The giver is one of the most respectable, important jobs Jonas could have gotten. His training starts the next day. As he trains more he gets more memories and sees color. He also experiences feelings.

The Givers is one of the main books that liked out of all of the books I have read! It starts off slow but gets really interesting quickly! I definitely recommend reading this book. Maybe you can read it over the spring break if you have nothing to do!

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