Balloon-A-Palooza is Unstoppable! Well, Sort of.
By, William M.

Hi, my name is William and this is my Tackk. This Tackk is all about my journey through a school project called Kiva Kids. In Kiva Kids we are trying to model Kiva, a microfinance platform. So as students we became the borrowers and the teachers became lenders. Everyone also has a team or group to work together to complete this project. My group (Noah, Stephen, & Peter) are selling punching balloons. After we got our idea out to the teachers we waited and on the 6th of February, we were fully funded. Now we are really excited about selling the punching balloons as soon as possible.

In class, we talked about competence, in particular, global competence. After class that day we wrote two paragraphs about two things that resonated with us. Personally, I wrote about coping and resiliency and comfort with the new and unfamiliar, but there are many more things like openness to new ideas, etc. Here is my one one on coping and resiliency:

Coping and resiliency have resonated with me in the past few weeks. I think we as a team had to cope with waiting for our loan to be funded, and just dealing with the anxiety that we may not be funded. Another reason I chose resiliency is that my group can’t do anything now. We can’t do anything better to get fully funded because now our idea is out to the teachers and the funding is up to them. That is why I chose coping and resiliency.

Even though my team is better off than other teams (one team wasn't fully funded and has to do everything over) we still have to sell and repay our loan. So in some sense my team, Balloon-A-Palooza is rising up, but we're still poppable.


Hi! I have long awaited writing another post and I am happy to say this is my post for the last few weeks.

For this post, I need to tell you of an issue running through Balloon-A-Palooza. The issue is that we are running out of costumers. After selling half of our balloons a lot of the people who come to the Kiva sales already have our balloons and don’t really need another one. This issue has us thinking of new ideas to fix this problem. Immediately we thought of the easiest way to fix this, get a new product. This idea is definitely a big contender as we approach the time to choose what to do. But, we still have a fair amount of balloons and getting something different will just lay waste to a good amount of balloons. Though this isn't the only way to fix our problem. Another idea we had was lowering the price. Because we had so many balloons each of them cost around $0.02 to get. So, we could sell them for something closer to $0.50 or even $0.25 if we need to. One last way to solve this problem may be advertising more. Because we don't advertise much most of our income comes from our own grade and our brothers in lower grades. As far as I know, we have had zero kids from upper grades on sales (excluding the Fair Sale). Maybe if we get more posters up more people will know to come to the garage to get our balloons.

These are all just ideas, but I think in the end our goal is to sell all of or most of our balloons and work on finding a bigger, or better product. That’s all for now!

What its like to be a borrower

Hi! Today I will be thinking about what it feels like to be a borrower.

Being a borrower is interesting. At first it can be almost scary because you don't know whats going to happen. Then it gets better. I mean, don't get me wrong, I do get anixiety when we don't have a good sale, but it does get better after a while.

What is a quote that you could use to help explain the project, your learning, your feelings about it all?

"The future depends on what we do in the present."

- Gandhi

Global Competence

The Global competence that is resonating now is Communication and Collaboration because we're finishing up our project and making our end of the year slide. I am having a bit trouble allowing others to help, but I think we are starting to work better as a group. This is all I have for today.