"British Villains"

The Jaguar brand is known world-wide and is a valuable asset in itself. The advertisement shows Hollywood's famous three British villains, Tom Hiddleston, Ben Kingsley, and Mark Strong, in which Tom rides helicopter and Mark drives Jaguar's new F-Type coupe to the Ben's place. The advertisement starts off by Ben asking the question, "Have you ever noticed how in Hollywood movies, all the villains are played by Brits?" The spot then shows the new Jaguar F-TYPE Coupe being driven by Strong and effortlessly navigating through modern-iconic London as he is on his way to meet with fellow villains, Sir Ben and Tom Hiddleston.  The intended audiences of the advertisement are:

  • professionals in the 30-45 age range (singles and couples)
  • executive families in the 40-50 age range (2+ children)
  • third agers (couples aged 50+, childless or the children have left home).

The producers of the advertisement uses three top well-known Hollywood's Brit villains to showcase their new F-Type coupe. The uniqueness of the advertisement is that the makers of the ad have used famous Brit movie actors to represent their new car and since Jaguar is/was a British car company, this strategy worked in favor for the producers. The best thing of the advertisement is that it is shown as a movie trailer itself, although it is just a commercial. The new F-Type coupe is very stylish in design, fun to drive, safe, secure, high performance, and technologically advanced. The new F-Type coupe is a power packed car with a high power.

Jaguar’s media agency, Mindshare, created a marketing program touching on a variety of outlets, including activations in broadcast; cinema; high-impact digital; and Connected TV platforms which appealed to early adopters.