Jamil Gaskins

about me


I was born July 3rd, 1999, at University Hospital to Jacqueline Hodges and Anthony Wilson in Cleveland, Ohio at 12:42 pm. I was born at 23 weeks and weighed 2lb. 8oz.

After being born I was placed in foster care. I'm not sure what happened with my other siblings to have them put in foster care, but that's how we were all separated. My foster parents were Alfonzo and Dorothy Smith. We lived on E. 115th Street in Cleveland.

After three years of being in foster care a social worker started coming to check on one of the the children in my home, I started to bond with her which was unusual for me. At that time, I didn't communicate with people, but I did with her and one day I called her Mom and with all her generosity she decided to adopt. So, on March 25, 2004, Sidney Gaskins became my mother, but I think she was always supposed to be my mother.

I have three brothers Deonte, Antonio, and Martin, I'm the third oldest. I also have two sisters, Sierra is the eldest, and Caroline the youngest.

                           The move

We moved to Atlanta, Georgia in August of 2004 and I started kindergarten. One time in kindergarten I remember, we went to a Native American reservation. And, that summer was the first time flying I visited my aunt Mimi in L.A. We went to a firehouse in the hills and I remember going to see my aunt doing a one-woman show.

a new beginning

a few months later........


That summer we had the first family loss, I remember, my grandfather at the age 70. I was 7- years old, just turning 8-years old,  just a month later. I didn't understand much and now looking back on it I wish I could know more. That was the summer things started to change for us, we moved to a new house from our apartment, and I was going to 3rd grade at a new school in a new area, but it turned out great.

Living in our new home felt great and so did life I started to do very well in school so well in fact I got my first A in Math at that elementary school. At the time there were also other great times like Christmas when my Mom's friend and his son came, they stayed for 2 weeks. Another time was when my cousin's visited during Thanksgiving and we all spent that weekend together.

another summer

After another summer in L.A we moved again to Fairburn, Georgia where we lived for about 2 years. I didn't like it there so my self-confidence went down and soon I started becoming bitter at everything, but I changed and again so did my life as I got an audition for the Cleveland School of the Arts. In March of 2010 during Spring Break we went up to Cleveland, I auditioned, and got accepted.

performance life

I starting at a new school in a new city. I was very nervous about it, but it turns out my God-brother, Jarius; and cousins, Kai and Jameel, also auditioned were accepted, so I wasn't alone starting school.  Even better my God-brother and I were in the same 6th grade class. Additionally, all kids starting 6th grade at the time were to go to the upper campus which consisted of middle and high schoolers.  Therefore the whole 6th grade starting that year were, as I like to call it, "First class" which I found quite ironic because X-Men first class came out that school year.

moving again

After 16 months we moved again from Cleveland to Texas in December of 2011. I wasn't very excited about moving, but we moved. It was very difficult moving here. First, I had to sell a lot of my old stuff, I was leaving my friends and family behind, and I had gotten so used to the support of my little brother, Martin. When we got here it was the last week of school before Christmas break and I wasn't very happy. At the beginning, I was sick because of the dry air, I had to get used to the heat and I did. We moved to a little town named Killeen and lived there for two years. During that time I participated in the theatre arts program and the U.I.L one act play called Chanfalla's. After 8th grade, I started getting tired of being in Killeen, I first started feeling that way during that summer, when my best friend moved. Then during the year my other close friend moved and life sorta went downhill from there. I stopped doing work, applying my self, and just gave up. During the end of the year, I started paying the price for my decision. My mother was furious with my grades, my counselor was talking about how I wouldn't make it to 10th grade, but towards the end I brought all my grades up to passing. Even with that it wasn't good enough. My Biology grade during the first 6 weeks was so low that averaging it out would mean I had to make an 85 by the end of the year and I didn't make it. I went to summer school and not only did I average my score I made a higher grade than I needed and passed summer school.

present day

This was it after a long summer of packing swimming and sleeping we moved a week before school started to Arlington and school started. I've enjoyed it here so far, it's much bigger, there's more grass and trees, they have a better mall, and I'm glad to start over. My theater arts teacher Mr.Royal gave me this project to type about my life so here I am staring at the computer screen looking at what I just typed Who I am Project............

This is the sound track of my life please hit PLAY and enjoy!

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