Black Beard's Treasure

                                                  By:Tresean And Elizabeth

Who Edward Teach also known as Blackbeard

What the mystery is where is Blackbeard Treasure

Where North Carolina in the outer banks  

When It took place 300 years ago. 1996, archaeologists discovered a shipwreck off the coast of North Carolina.

Why Before Blackbeard died, he was questioned about the location of his gold.

Fun Facts  It is not particularly uncommon to find a shipwreck like the one with Blackbeard's Treasure.

  1. The shipwreck with Blackbeard Treasure was probably one of the biggest nautical finds in the history of treasure hunting.
  2. In 1718, Queen Anne’s revenge had interfered the port of Charleston.
  3. Blackbeard was the most famous pirate to sail the seven seas.
  4. Blackbeard started becoming a pirate from other pirates and working under the legendary of Benjamin Hornigold.
  5. On November 1717, Blackbeard caught “La Concorde”, a large French slaving vessel.
  6. In 1718, Blackbeard went to North Carolina and accepted a pardon from Governor Charles Eden.
  7. Blackbeard fought. On November 22, 1718 Blackbeard was worried about two Royal Navy sloops that were coming after him.
  8. Blackbeard didn’t leave any treasure behind.
  9. Researchers now believe they have found the ship that Blackbeard had.

Summary Blackbeard is still an unknown mystery. Researchers have searched everywhere and so have archaeologists. Blackbeard was known for the most famous pirate. He had found some really good treasure, but never left it behind. Blackbeard always fought his battles and always kept finding new treasure. Blackbeard is dead now.


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