What it is like to be a landlocked beach bum

My Toes are Dry

Being a resident in Raleigh,North Carolina is amazing. There is so much you can do, it has amazing schools, and is where i have lived my entire life. The main problem with Raleigh is its 2 hours and 15 minutes away from the beach and that is not OK with me. The beach is like my second home. My dad lived by the beaches in California when he was little and my mom always love going to the beach in fact they spelled my name in a way that means "sea" in Greek. Clearly it is destiny for me to be by the beach constantly. Apparently nobody else understands me. I haven't been to the beach since last summer and its KILLING me. My toes aren't somewhere in the sand and swimming with the fish where they belong. Instead they are drying up while I'm on land in Raleigh watching Greys Anatomy.

Side Effects

There are some harmful affects of being away from the beach. You don't get enough vitamin D from the sun, not getting all the exercise from swimming, walking around, etc., and worst of all summer comes 100 times slower when your waiting and waiting for the beloved beach trip to come around.

There are many  ways that you are benefited in both your looks and other health issues when being by the beach. Most importantly beach has been proven to help your overall health by relieving stress, encouraging exercise, and it makes you feel better. Now as your walking in the sand along the beach or getting tossed in waves with sand getting EVERYWHERE remember that sand is a natural exfoliant and it's just trying to do its job and get rid of all those dead skin cells. The seawater itself has great benefits. First of all if your scared of looking old stop using all different face washes, moisturizers, and spending thousands of dollars trying to preserve your youthful skin because all you need is a trip to the beach. All the different minerals in the water help preserve the youthfulness and the elasticity of your skin. If you have rheumatoid arthritis the sea water will be you best friend the minerals in the water helps relieve the pain in your  joints. Finally, if your just feeling a little depressed a well deserved trip to the beach should make it into your plans because on your way home the only depression you will feel is from having to go home.

You can see that living away from the beach is taking a real toll on my health, wallet and my personal looks for the future.

You are Never Bored

I know that almost every day when I am sitting at home I am bored out of mind, especially when the pool is closed. I am always trying to find something new to to do because I have lived here in Raleigh so long that there isn't much that is new for me to do and I don't have a license so I cant drive myself  anywhere.

Carolina, Virginia, and South Carolina Beaches there is so much to do in a short distance. The variety of different places gives you new places to go to everyday. If your tired of one beach you can "hop" to another beach in less than 30 minutes depending on where you are. Personally when I am away from home I love trying new places that aren't close to home. You have so many place to try whether you like seafood, unique pizza places, and so many more. One may be thinking its the beach right, what are you supposed to do when its raining? If The water is too rough? That is no excuse  to just sit in your hotel room or stay at home because of those if's. There is so many activities that are indoors and outdoors for you to do. Some examples would be put-put, go karting, aquariums, museums, shopping (my favorite), and there are so many more.

Here are just a few of the activities available in Carolina beach:

Carolina Beach Boardwalk

All you have to do once you get there is sit back and relax "Knee Deep in the water somewhere"

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This makes me want to go to the beach. Like...right now. But critters live in the ocean, so it almost makes me nervous.