Gifted and Talented

December 5th, 2014

A little music to relax your mind while you enjoy this mini presentation!
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What does a gifted student look like?

I ask questions, but I get off task!

I learn things fast, but I run out of things to do so I start to act up!

I'm unique, original and independent and I don't care for your criticism or authoritative tone!

I like to debate real life issues and crave justice. I'm a critic of EVERYONE and EVERYTHING!

I think on a different level than my peers but I can't remember my homework!

My sense of humor is sophisticated but I don't know how to end the joke!

I'm sensitive to other people's feelings, but my friends call me "bossy!"

I guess you could call me a G&T student...
So how can you help me reach my full potential?

As a gifted and talented student, my creativity is best shown through projects that push my brain to the limit: Individual projects give me an outlet for my creativity and and way to focus my ideas into one area. I enjoy competition and find motivation in being challenged by those who rival my intelligence. I do best when I have the opportunity to step outside the "box" that is my regular classroom curriculum. I need someone there to push me, maybe a teacher or maybe someone outside the classroom: a mentor of sorts. I need you, as my teacher, to think outside the box when it comes to my assignments; more of the same old same old is the leading factor to my "disruptions."

So here are a few things to remember:

Gifted students don't just want to be sent off with a packet of "busy" work. They need to be challenged and know that someone cares about what happens to them.

Just because a child has a disability doesn't mean they can't be gifted, just the same as a gifted child doesn't have to excel in all aspects of their schooling.

Gifted students aren't always "A" students, and "F" students can be gifted students. You have to look a little deeper to realize a student's potential.

Grade jumping isn't always the answer to a gifted child's academic needs but it is a viable remedy to the gifted child's academic needs.

Just a few ideas...

Well said Forrest... Well said.

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