The Moon's Importance

Duke Wagner
4th Hour

The Moon Is A Great Help To Our Lives

Without the Moon life would be so different here on Earth. The Moon helps us with its phases which lights up the sky at night. The Moon helps determine of it is high or low Tide. The moon also gives us very good sights to see, with the moon phases and also the eclipses. Life would be way different if we didn't have the Moon.

Lunar Phases
the moon has different phases. They occur at different times. There is full moon, new moon, waxing crescent, waxing Gibbous, first quarter, third quarter, waning crescent, and waning Gibbous. The brightest and coolest sight of all the moon types is the full moon. The full moon and the new moon are the main dividing lines between waxing and waning moons. The moon phases are very cool to see.


There are two different types of tides, high Tide and low Tide. These fall into other types of tides, Neap Tide and Spring Tide. Spring Tide as the greatest difference between high and low Tide. While Neap Tide has the least difference between the two. Tides are caused by the moon.


The moon also causes Eclipses to occur. The are two types of Eclipses, Lunar and Solar. The Lunar Eclipses is where the Earth comes between the Sun and the moon, causing the moon to turn into a different color. A solar eclipses is where the moon comes between Earth and the Sun, darkining the sky and making the moon have a yellow glow behind it. There can be total or partial eclipses. Eclipses occur when moon or Earth passes their the umbra or penumbra. Eclipses are moon of the coolest things the moon causes to occur.

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