John F. Kennedy

By: Samantha Davis

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  • Birth: May 29, 1917
  • Death: November 22, 1963
  • Religious Views: Kennedy was the first and to this day the only catholic president of the United States. As the majority of Christian Americans are protestant of some kind Kennedy‚Äôs religion was a liability to his campaign and presidency. As a result Kennedy was not overtly religious rather he often spoke about the importance of the separation of church and state. His most famous appeal was a speech he gave to the greater Houston ministerial society in 1960.  
  • Political Views: Kennedy was instrumental in the establishment of equal rights for black people. He said in a famous speech in 1963 during the height of racial tension that black people should be able to shop at the same stores as white people without having to demonstrate in the streets that, they should be able to go to college without military escort, and that they should be able to vote without fear of violence being taken up against them.
  • Hometown: Brookline Massachusetts
  • Family Members: John F. Kennedy had four children, 2 girls and three boys and was married to his wife Jacqueline Onassis Kennedy. along with his family members there were his parents Rose and Joseph P. Kennedy Sr.
  • About Me: John Fitzgerald Kennedy was born on May 29th 1917 at Brookline Massachusetts. His father Joseph Kennedy had a strong desire for politics, he went from a son of a pub-keeper to a millionaire. He married the daughter of the mayor of Boston, Rose Fitzgerald. John F. was the second son to be born. During World War II their oldest son lost his life, when his airplane exploded above the Canal. Kennedy studied at Harvard and became senator of Massachusetts in 1952. Later he was elected for president in November 1960, after a less than easy election contest, He defeated Richard Nixon and became the youngest (43) to be elected to the White House in American history 'till then.
  • What did he do for a living?: Kennedy entered WW II and later after discharged worked briefly as a reporter for the Hearst newspaper. A few years after he became the president of the united States
  • Highest education Level: In 1935 Kennedy enrolled at Harvard university and received a degree in international affairs with honors in 1940.
  • Close Friends: Joe Gargan, Paul Fay, L.J. Thom, Jim Reed, and Barney Ross
  • Famous Quote:


  • Kennedy donated his congressional and presidential salary to charity
  • He installed a secret taping system in the white house
  • Kennedy feared running for re-election against Mitt Romney's father
  • Kennedy was the only U.S. president whose grandmother lived longer than he did.
  • In 1957 John F Kennedy was awarded a Pulitzer Prize for his book called 'Profiles in Courage'.

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