The Fault in Our Stars

By: John Green

There Will Come A Time When All Of Us Are Dead. All Of Us. There Will Come A Time When There Are No Human Beings Remaining To Remember That Anyone Ever Existed Or That Our Species Ever Did Anything.

This is a trailer of the movie.

The fault in our stars sound track.

This video has humor in it, there getting payback without hurting someone like Isaac's ex did to Isaac. Gus, Hazel, and Isaac went to the store and got a couple things of eggs. Then they drove to Isaac's ex girlfriends house so Isaac could egg her house. The first throw was an epic fail. But all the ones after that hit. They all laughed. Then Isaac's ex girlfriends mom came out. Which is when Gus told her to go back inside before they egg her. Isaac then continues throwing eggs.

This video is behind the scenes of the movie A Fault in our Stars.


Indianapolis is where Gus and Hazel are from.


Amsterdam was where Peter Van Houten lived, it was also Hazel and Gus's destination when they went on there trip. Although they didn't get what they expected out of Mr.Van Houten it was still a great trip, and he didn't ruin it for them at all.

Support Group

The Story of Hazel and Gus.

Hazel hated support group. The day she met Gus she started liking it. But when Gus died i don't think she went any longer.

The Story of Hazel and Gus is awesome. They meet one another in support group, and on this day they plan a movie date at Gus's house.

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