The God of the Underworld

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                                There were many gods and Goddess, some were kind and some were pure evil.   Hades was one of those gods. Hades was one of Three brothers of Gods . He is  The god that is the most powerful god is Zeus, Zeus has the power of wind and lighting. While Poseidon ruled the ocean and waves. Together they defeated the Titian Cronus  

                         Hades is responsible for all of the deaths that happen in the underworld, and mange's it on his own time.  Hades means abode, an underworld of sorrow.  Hades had many symbols that resembled him, one of which was a drinking horn, another symbol was a three headed dog which he use to punish his victims, one symbol was a scepter which was use to give commands.

                            Most people believed that if you put a coin in someone's mouth when they died , they would be given ten gold coins  in the afterlife and would be taken across a boat to the underworld. During this trip to the underworld, the boat goes past a three headed dog that guards the gates of the underworld . Many people believed that Hades was the devil in other religions.  Hades showed no mercy to those who would shine him on.  

                           The goddess Persephone is Hades wife, she was Zeus`es only daughter. She was chosen by Hades to be his wife and was sent to the underworld . Persephone loved to play in the fields in the spring time. Zeus did not approve of this marriage and did not want his daughter living in a sunless world. Hades abducted Persephone while she was in the fields and brought to the underworld. Persephone`s mom Demeter went to go look for her until she found her.  But because Demeter was the goddess of the seasons, the whole world went into a cold state. The gods of Mount Olympus pleaded for Demeter to come back to Olympus to make the seasons right , but she did not. Zeus knew that if the humans died, there would be no sacrifices for the Gods. So Zeus sent down Hermes (God of messages) to go and get Persephone. And the land was returned to normal. But because Persephone ate a pomegranate seed that was given by Hades before she left, she had to go back for part of the year.

                               Hades was related to both Zeus and Poseidon, He was the son of Cronus and Rhea .  His wife was Persephone, and his mother -in-law was Demeter. Hades is also related to Morpheus(God of sleep), who lived on a island full of lotus flowers.  Hades did not have that many relatives.

                                 Hades was one of the many gods that was evil to the core and cared about no one but himself. He will always be a God in the history books for many years in Greek mythology. And I will look into other gods and goddesses in the future  



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