Kieran's Dynasties of the Asia Area

Some of you might know that China has held many dynasties. Now, you are going to learn about a few of them.

Sui Dynasty

Someone by the name of Wendi was the first ruler of this dynasty. He worked to build a centralized government. He also restored order, created a legal code, and reformed the bureaucracy. During this time, there was the building of the Grand Canal. It was a 1000 mile waterway linking Northern and Southern China. This would make it easier to access resources from either Northern or Southern China. The project begun during the reign of Yang Di, Wendi’s son, and took several years to complete.

Tang Dynasty

The first ruler of this dynasty was Taizong, then his son took over. When her husband died, Wu Zhao continued to rule through her sons. Wanting full power, she became emperor herself—the only woman to hold the title in Chinese history. During the Tang dynasty, there was a capital at Chang, the Sui capital, and one at Luoyang. They gained influences over Korea and other neighboring states. Also, they expanded the civil service examination. People had to pass written exams to work for the government. So it's sort of like school to an extent.

Song Dynasty

The founder of the dynasty was a man by the name of Zhao Kuangyin, who became Emperor T'aizu. The capital for the Sung dynasty was founded at K'al-Feng and managed to restore centralized government control. In addition, they reformed the civil service examination system, which helped ensure that talented people ran the government. The exams tested students’ grasp of Confucianism and related ideas. During this time, artisans excelled at making porcelain, which is a translucent ceramic.

The Mongols

For centuries, the Mongols were divided into clans led by a khan. Then one day, a powerful kahn named Temujin united the clans. In 1206 he succeeded and gained the title Genghis Khan or Universal Ruler. So I guess you could say it was a ... clash of clans. Anyway, the Mongols gained influence over the land that they conquered. During this period, they conquered much of Asia, they learned the art of siege warfare and the use of gunpowder, and made Pax Mongolia meaning Mongol Peace.

Other Dynasties

Now I'm going to show you the other dynasties in the Asia area.

The Yamato Clan

According to legend, Japan’s first emperor was the grandson of the sun goddess. This emperor belonged to the powerful Yamato clan, which claimed the sun goddess as its ancestor.  The Yamato chiefs began to call themselves the emperors of Japan. In time, Japan’s emperors claimed to be divine. China had strongly influenced the Yamato clan.

Heian Period

Most of the Heian period was ruled by the Fujiwara family. The capital was moved to Heian, which is now called Kyoto. People started writing poetry during this period. Heian women in particular produced some of the best works of early Japanese literature. The greatest writer was perhaps Lady Murasaki Shikibu. Also, the women wore silk dresses of 12 color layers.

Koryo Dynasty

The Silla weakened, and around 935, rebels defeated it. They then founded the Koryo dynasty.  The capital of this dynasty in Kaesong. During the Koryo dynasty, people would print Buddhist texts.

Pagan Kingdom

The first ruler of this kingdom was a guy by the name of Anawrahta. The capital was established in Pagan. They established principles that continue to influence their religion and society. Also, they built thousands of temples.

Khmer Empire

Jayavarman VII (reigned 1181–1219), is generally considered as Cambodian Greatest King. The empire’s capital city was Angkor. Hinduism & Buddhism beliefs influenced the way these people lived. They would build lots of temples that would reflect strong Indian influences.

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