San Angelo University


The university mascot is Dominic the Ram!!!!

College/ Career Presentation

The University I will be attending is located in San Angelo, Texas. It was founded in the year of 1928 and started off as a college. When they began releasing baccalaureates, it was given the title of a University. The official mascot are the Rams and the Rambelles which certainly know how to add the spirit factor. For one semester the average cost for tuition is at $3,821 plus the room and board cost which is $3,800.  It has the acceptance rate of 93% since 2010.  The major that i chose was Pre - Law and go into the field of  criminal law. Requirements: If you're in the top ten there is no minimum score, but they do need to keep it on file.  For college readiness benchmark scores of ( English: 18, Math:22, and Science: 23) or an SAT composite score of 1500 out of 2400.

Letter of Recommendation

To whom it may concern,

For I write this letter of recommendation to the exquisite legal services of Brian Loncar & Associates. Is for a gratifying reason. Ashley Alfaro is a born prodigy that excels in the justice branch. Her reason to breathe is for justice.

She has shown over the years, that I have been blissfully a part of, her concern and full attention towards the inequality of certain things. An example will be in the high school environment. Students were well aware that open campus will be no longer available. Some students kept quiet and some argued around each other. As for her, she took charge of the situation and arranged a meeting with the principal. She kept on fighting in an benevolent manner and clearly stated the pros and cons of the situation. She is mature and will present the right attitude for any situation and will not let you down.

To be in her presence is as if she is the walking breathing Lady of Justice. Her ambition and stubbornness traits are vital for this work environment.. The atmosphere of this work needs these traits for an epic victory. To keep on fighting as you don't take No for an answer. She doesn't believe in the word failure and will not give up till she is satisfied with her work. Meaning she has high standards/expectations and is an over achiever that will bring fortune to the workplace.

She is a great advocate of the bill rights and America's history. She was a part of the ROTC program and was greatly loved by the whole group. She's a person everyone will like to be around with as she works extraordinary with people. She shows support and care to the people around her and provides terrific ideas. She is fit to work with her co workers ,she motivates them and influences them to strive for excellence. She takes part of community services as well and she learned to love it which became more of a hobby for her. Now she signs up every weekend to clean up the city parks,schools, churches etc.

It will be an honor for the law service to have Ms. Alfaro she is a person that's fit right for the team and will bring optimistic values and fortune in the future. It was an honor for me to have Ms.Alfaro in my class and have her throughout High school. I can assure you she will not let you down. For more information about the born prodigy contact me via cell (915) 555-2348. I thank you, for taking your time for reading this.


Sofia Sheeran

10th grade AP History teacher

Portland, Oregon 97201

Cell: (915) 555-2348



Ashley Alfaro

47364 Drywood Dr. Seguin, Texas 88432
Phone: (363) 666-9546 Fax: 7543 E-Mail:


Being able to obtain knowledge that will help me get the career that I’ve been soaring for. Experience all the diversity of ethnicities that take place within and outside of the campus that will help me with future clients.


High School 5/20/15

n Sonic gave me the opportunity of working for them part time in the summer of 2013. Like most teens I wanted to learn what it takes to have an actual job and gain communication skills.


High school [Insert Dates]

In highs school I was able to maintain the GPA of 4.0 through all four years. Never did I receive low grades or any type of tutoring program. I believe school should be taken seriously so that was and will be my main focus for the near future.

Extra curricular activities [Insert Dates]

In NJROTC I was selected battalion commander, because I was a very trust worthy independent lady who showed the Navy core values of honor, courage, and commitment. With this experience I was able to see and work with all sorts of people. There’s different ways that I would approach each individual so they would feel comfortable in the environment they would participate, yet it was still necessary to put my foot down to let them know I was all about business. I was also commander of the unarmed team, which gave me the opportunity to gain bonds with many of the cadets that made everything work more smoothly.


Working with people has always come easily since I am a very outgoing person. Whenever someone is really shy or introverted, I would make friends with them so they could break their shell and join in the fun.

Student life

They have various events to have fun such as black out dances, festivals, and music performances! There's a little bit of everything so everyone can feel welcome and right at home. (:

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