Concussions in Sports
By, Rhett Foster

Dangerous Concussions in Football

Many people lately have been getting concussions in football. Attention to concussions has never been greater. Nearly 1,500 kids in Missouri suffered from concussions in 2012. people need to treat concussions better than they do. There brains are still growing so it needs to be treated well. Some doctors tell kids to just quit football. Several schools have now added a computer test for the players. The players who had a head injury during the season will have to take the test again after the season and they will compare the scores at the end. Head injuries are dangerous and we need to be safer than we are today.

Concussions Need Rest Doctors Say

People need some rest after they get a concussion. Study shows that now when people get concussions they don't need to take a long break off. When they did the study they put kids with head injuries in a dark room for five days and the other kids rested for two days and went up and going and the kids who rested for five days had worse pain. These concussions still take a little time to get better. a concussion is like a light dimming instead of turning off right away. Every kid who has a concussion though can be treated in a different way. But the study is clear to not keep your child in a dark room for several days. concussions are dangerous and need to be treated well.

Opinion Piece

Concussions in sports has really affected many people over the past few years. People have been worrying about concussions more than they ever had before. This is important to us because many kids are getting hurt from concussions and they could be badly injured. This is happening often to more than 1,000 people in Missouri got concussions from sports in 2012. Also these concussions are so dangerous some kids can never play sports again after a concussion. We can help this out by putting in more rules, wearing more protective gear, and following more of the rules in sports.

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