by: Adin Boyd

Food is something essential, right? we NEED to eat. but it really depends on what us humans choose to eat, not what we need to eat. fast food,healthy food  when all around them are good choices. really? oh, the irony of it all. terrible stuff people  make. The choices that people make about food are sometimes aren't that bad. salad, or pizza pizza is almost always the "right" decision. NOPE!!! pizza actually has  285 calories. surprised??  I was when I first heard it. burgers- fat food. milkshakes-fat food. but did you know McDonald's french fries didn't have sugar in them! (they're  pretty much the only thing that doesn't) my mom (not kidding) said that if you eat McDonald's for 8 days in a row you'll look like a sumo wrestler who knows nothing about what sumo wrestling actually is! the result of this is someone actually weighing 1,230 lbs (560 kg)! that weight belongs to manuel uribe         

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