Free Verse

Free Verse has freedom in everything it is the most broad version of poetry. People can do anything with Free Verse poetry.

Life is like painting a picture

Adding colors, mixing them, to create a masterpiece
I pick up a brush and dab it into some yellow
Yellow is the background, it says I am happy
But then you smear some gray saying,
I am not perfect, we all have flaws
I wash the brush
Washing the colors is like trying to take away
Tragic memories
But all the paint doesn't wash away, like the pain and the hurt.
Then I put the brush in purple paint and create a musical note
The musical note sings a song
The song is upbeat,
But then switches to a song that you can fall asleep to
I combine a soft blue to the painting
It's calm, relaxed and chuckles every once in a while.
I slap on an orange lightning bolt.
It's quick and competes with the other colors.
Like a basketball game when the score is tied.
I jab the brush into black and red
It screams this is the worst day ever!
The purple musical note smudges into the black and red
It hushes the colors, and then the colors slowly fade
A light green tells the other colors it's time to rest
And the colors of the painting disappear.