Ramona The Pest By: Beverly Clevery

By: Mackenzie H. Deck

Ramona the pest:  Is about a 5 year old girl who has a older sister named Beezus or (her real name) Beatrice. Beezus always gets more atetion than Ramona. But now all most everything is even between Ramona & Beezus but one thing is not even. Ramona still doesn't know how to read. Ramona loves her teacher, Miss. Binney. Than after a few weeks Ramona gets a Substitute.  When Ramona gets to school she doesn't go in the classroom because there is a stranger woman in there.   She decided to hide, but there is know place to hide on the playground. She saw a row of trash cans & decided to hide there. But she can't make it the whole day behide the trash cans because she has to go to the bathroom. Then she ends up as a kindergarten droupout.                The end!!!!!!!!

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