Video game stats

67% of US households play video games.

The average gamer plays an average of 8 hours a week playing video games

Halo is a part of the FPS genre which is part of 32+ genres of video games.

Video games do not cause violence, actually they decrease violence when a "Violent" game is released.  One of the top selling video game franchises is Call of Duty, which is a first person shooter game.

Video games can improve sight and decrease decision making time because they can be fast paced.

Average annual spending on a video game per household of the US is $ 44.25

Total money spent on console games in the US is $8.4 billion.

The average time spent playing video games in the US is 23.2 minutes.

48% of gamers are girls and that number appears to be rising.

72% of people playing games are 18 and older.

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