More Than a Simple Organization

Leukemia is a cancer characterised  by the creation of many abnormal blood cells. In fact, this disease lives through the entire body. When a child is diagnosed with Leukemia, it surely is very scary, but many organizations are there to help. From the early moment a child is diagnosed with cancer, Leucan intervenes.

Leucan is a philanthropic organization that supports cancer-stricken children through the entire province of Quebec. It is also more than 35 years of hope and support to families of cancer-stricken children. With thousands of members and hundreds of families to support, Leucan really does make a difference. The support can be financial, emotional or even social. To raise all the money needed, Leucan frequently organizes fundraising activities such as the Leucan Shaved Head Challenge, Halloween Money Box Campaign, Run for Leucan, Leucan 12-Hour Ski Challenge, Leucan Winter Challenge and many others. Moreover, this non-profit organization is glad to be associated to some exterior events such as sport tournaments or other personal projects. For example, I just released a Christmas album. I did this CD in collaboration with my little cousin Justine, who is presently fighting Leukemia. Leucan accepted to join my project, so that 3 dollars out of each sold album would go to the organization.

In addition to its giant support to families, Leucan is also able to give more than 1 million dollars each year to the Pediatric Oncology Center of Research.

In brief, leukemia is, for sure, a scary word. The experience that comes with it isn’t appealing at all, but in each storm there’s a rainbow, a symbol of hope and joy. For cancer-stricken children, that rainbow is called Leucan.

Audrey Proulx

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