Engineer better medicines:
Alzheimer & Multiple Sclerosis

By: Rebecca Garfield & Nicole Hersey

What needs to be made to cure Alzheimer's? There is currently no cure doctors are trying to find a possible cure. Scientists are trying to find a cure that involves a therapeutic treatment to try to gain memory.

What medicines are already created Alzheimer?  There are limited medicine for the disease already. People have been using gene therapy to try to help people with the disease.

Is Alzheimer's a genetic disease?If it is an genetic disease what could you do to try to stop it from occurring? Yes it is a genetic disease but doctors and scientists haven't found out how to stop it or how it happens/ forms.

What part of the brain does Alzheimer take over? It really depends on what kind of Alzheimer's you have. Depending on what kind you have then different things occur to the brain and how it rots the brain.

How are Alzheimer's and dementia similar? They basically are same but has different names for what happens to you and your brain. Both of them take away memory related objects and rot your brain away.


                                                  Multiple Scoliosis

  • Does Multiple Sclerosis affect walking? Yes, your muscles weaken, and sometimes your Muscle tightness. It also makes it difficult to walk for most people with Multiple Scoliosis.
  • Does your diet affect Multiple Sclerosis? Many neurologists recommend a low-fat, high-fiber diet to maintain optimal heath during Multiple Sclerosis.
  • Can you tell if your going to get Multiple Sclerosis? Yes, if you get numbness a lot, if your eyesight gets weak, or if you have a loss of balance (etc)
  • Does Multiple Sclerosis affect your brain? Multiple Sclerosis attacks tissues in the brain and spinal cord. This is known as the central nervous system.
  • How does Multiple Sclerosis affect walking? Multiple Sclerosis effects your hand-eye coordination muscle weakness and your balance. Also some people could get numbness in there legs and/or in your feet.

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