automated sed rate instrument

by HemaTechnologies

An Introduction to Sed Rate Testing

HemaTechnologies is a medical laboratory instrument manufacturer that markets a number of medical devices, including products developed to perform erythrocyte sedimentation rate tests. HemaTechnologies is the creator of the ESR Stat Plus. A fully automated erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) testing device, the ESR Stat Plus is capable of providing medical practitioners with information on three patients in no more than five minutes.

Erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) testing, alternatively known as sed rate testing, is a specialized blood test used to identify inflammation throughout a patient's body. Sed rate testing involves collecting blood samples, including the cells known as erythrocytes, in tall, thin vials. In samples that have been exposed to inflammation, erythrocytes tend to clump together and settle at the bottom of a testing vial quicker than the rate that is observed in blood taken from a person without inflammation. The presence of such inflammation can be an indication of serious illnesses such as autoimmune diseases, and even some cancers.

Automated ESR tools, such as the ESR Stat Plus by HemaTechnologies, are capable of providing medical professionals with immediate statistics on the movement of a patient's red blood cells. While manual sed rate testing may take up to one hour, automated devices can interpret erythrocyte data in just a few minutes. More product information is available at

Based in Lebanon, New Jersey, HemaTechnologies manufactures and sells products for professionals in the health care industry, especially those who work in medical laboratories. HemaTechnologies' flagship product is the ESR Stat Plus, an automated instrument for measuring erythrocyte sedimentation rates.

The ESR Stat Plus has revolutionized sedimentation rate testing in several different ways. Notably, the instrument returns results for three patients in a matter of minutes and requires an EDTA blood sample of only 25 microliters. As such, the unique device offers numerous advantages for pediatric wards and emergency departments.

Moreover, the ESR Stat Plus is a direct-read analyzer, which means that patient results are displayed right on the unit's screen. As a result, technicians no longer need to take additional measurements or make calculations. In conjunction with HemaTechnologies' mylar-wrapped EZ-SAFE sample tubes, the device offers a simple and convenient way to measure sed rates.

With a height of nine inches, a width of 10 inches, and a depth of 14 inches, the product can be stored easily and quickly. HemaTechnologies supplements the instrument by selling optional printers and bar code readers. Lastly, the system offers a reduced volume in biohazard waste. These advantages make it an ideal choice for hospitals and emergency facilities that are short on time and want to devote as much attention as possible to patient care.

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