Henry Maudslay

Machine tools and screw cutting lathes

Henry Maudslay was born in Woolwich, UK on 1771 22 August and lived until he was 1831 14 February. The amount of education he received is unclear.

Henry Maudslay is an important person for the industrial revolution by interchangeability and precision in toolmaking. He also improve and develop many different meachanlic product.

The major advance invention of Henry Maudslay is the screw cutting lathe. People are always misunderstanding Maudslay was the first person to invent the machine, but in fact he is just advancing it and made it better.

In the early period, the screw is made of wood, it need to made by hand, with files to cut the threads. To made it a accurate threads, people will score a rod using an inclined knife with a wrap half way around the rod, the knife being precisely angled for the proper pitch. This made the screw slow and expensive to make. It really dependent on the skill of the maker.

In the early 19th century, Henry Maudslay have advance the Screw-cutting lathes. It become more durability, functionality and precision. Which like the picture below.

The lathe is one of the oldest machine tools, and its trace back to many centuries ago. Early lathes were all used to cut and form wood. Maudslay's mechanical advances was important because he developed a machine that could be used to build other machines. Because his lathe could cut and form tool steel, engineers who later able to improved the precision industrial machine parts. People who specialized in precision were also help by Maudslay's advancements, including clockmakers, builders of scientific instruments such as telescopes and navigational equipment, and gunmakers.







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