legos are going to take over the WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by Samantha Jimenez

This is a story about legos they might take over the world. Just think how many legos are in the world . There is even LEGO LAND !!!!I mean LEGO LAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Any way why legos why not blocks . It had to be squares with little stubs on them .Well not that i know of . I DO NOT AND I REPEAT DO NOT PLAY WITH LEGOS. okay fine i do have legos but i only liked them for like maybe 2 to 3 days just kidding 2 to 3 seconds or maybe years .Ok enough about me lets go back to talking about legos .Just look at the picture so many legos . its just wasting plastic . Did I mention that we should tell hasbro about bringing back generation 3 littlest pet shop?????????????I should really stop going off topic.whoever made legos should STOP!!!!well thats my story about legos might take over the world.