By Matthew Wilker

Welcome to the moon, we will be talking about all of the moons phases, the affects on tides, and eclipses. The moon has a big job on Earth.

Different phases of the moon

How the moon affects us on Earth is the tides and the gravity on Earth.


Eclipses are when the moon passes in front of the sun and causes an eclipses.

There is another eclipses that is called a lunar eclipses which is where the suns rays strike the moon though the Earths atmosphere .

The different types of tides

There are two different types of tides spring and heap tides. Neal tide is when the tide is high. The springtime is when the tide is very low.

So we learned that the moon has a lot of jobs on Earth even though that it is 238,855 miles away from Earth it still ha a lot of jobs on earth

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