Reminders, Ideas, and Thoughts to Ponder...

One week until Spring Break! We can do this!

1. Please ensure you have read Ordinary Mary's Extraordinary Deed before March 25th!  We hope you are enjoying the books of the season!

2. Margaret Hunter, one of our fabulous lunch monitors, comes each Wednesday to laminate.  If you can, please pass your items to her to laminate, as this is more cost effective than many smaller items being laminated frequently. Of course if you have immediate needs, you are welcome to laminate.

3. Are you interested in serving your team as team leader next year?  If so, please click here complete the attached questions and submit to me by Friday, March 27th.  Click here for a description of team leader responsibilities. 

4. "We could never learn to be brave and patient if there were only joys in the world."- Helen Keller

5. "Life is way too short to spend another day at war with yourself."- Anonymous

6. "It is better to err on the side of initiative than inactivity." -B.C. Forbes   

7. "All progress takes place outside the comfort zone."- Michael Bobak

8. ALL staff - Mark your calendars for next Wednesday, March 11th for STAAR training and a baby shower honoring Lauren Holloway.

9. Check out this pep talk by Kid President!

10. Ways to implement opportunities for more student VOICE in your classrooms- click here!  This is a good one! It mentions the concept of productive struggle and the role of a teacher as a facilitator of student thinking- MUST read!

Have a great weekend!