Infants (0-12 months)

Created by Andre' and Gerardo

Children at this age learn by exploring with their hands and mouths.
For example they bang, throw, drop and put objects in their mouths

Children at this age learn to creep, crawl, pull themselves up while holding on to furniture, also take 2 to 3 steps without assistance

your children will usually imitate your facial expressions. They will begin to speak by babbling then will learn to respond to simple words/phrases. Also will play but parallel to any other children.

To communicate, infants will cry primarily when their needs aren't being met. Like older people they smile and giggle when they want more of something instead of talking. Then they turn their head, shut their eyes, or cry when they want less of something.

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3 years ago

I like how its simple and straight to the point your tackk is. I wish it was more detailed when it comes to physical needs. I didn't get a full understanding.