What is feudalism?

Feudalism was a war between the samurai warriors and the shogun because of political organizations.

What led to the feudalism?

It started because of the increase in power for the daimyo and the shrinking power of the central government

What are three forms of art?

1. Poetry~ Influenced because the poetry was written on the sadness of the natures beauty was gone

2. Drama~ Influenced there art

3.  Calligraphy~ Influenced the way they wrote

What is the social structures and why?

1. Emperor~ Was put here to lead yet during this time had little power

2. Shogun and Daimyo~Were the most important landowner

3. Samurai warriors~ Japans needed warriors

4. Peasants~ They were workers and made up the majority of the population

5. Merchants~ They produced no goods and didn't do anything for the society

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