Mrs. Seneta

This is my family, my kids go to General McLane. My husband teaches eighth-grade science that Walnut Creek middle school. My daughter plays basketball and volleyball, and my son plays baseball, and basketball. This summer we went to Ocean City Maryland and spent a week living on the Chesapeake Bay. We went to the boardwalk, went to the beach, and went crabbing! This summer my daughter and I also went to New York City! It was a great summer!

Three things about me


I love to take pictures. I don't do it professionally, but I really enjoy it as a hobby. This is a picture I took from a friends wedding. I photographed her wedding as her wedding present.  They turned out pretty great.  


I love to exercise and I like to try different programs. I love to do things like YOGA and Strength Training and I don't like to do things that are high impact.  

Sugar candy

I love runts and all kind of sugar and candy.  My love for sugar probably explains why I don't necessarily look like the all of the people on the exercise programs that I do.  

My goals

List your 3 goals and how you plan on accomplishing them

Goal 1:  I would like to travel more.  I would like to go out west and see the West coast.  I need to start saving more money.  

Goal 2:  I would like to learn how to write code and apps. I need to take an online course to learn how to do some of these things.  

Goal 3:  I need to get better at keeping up with my laundry.  If I make an effort to do one load of laundry a day it won't be so overwhelming.

I would love to go to....

I would love to go to Las Vegas... I'm not a big gambler but would just be interested in all of the lights and amazing themes hotels.  While I'm there I would visit the Grand Canyon!

Someone Interesting
~Taylor Swift~

Although a lot of people find her annoying-I find her very interesting. I think she is extremely talented. I have seen each of her concert tours and I like that she is a positive influence and a good role model.