Hi ! My name is Violette I'm 14 nearly 15 ! I was born on october the 21th. I'm an only child but I have a cat who's name is Billy. I love him sooo much ! I'm shy, emotional and also romantic and a bit jealous as every girl is I guess... I love watching movies and series like Pretty Little Liars and Gossip Girl. I hate horror movies, it gives me nightmares... But I like Action Movies. I love beign with my friends, shopping, reading, taking pictures and aslo singing.

Little Pic of me !

Billy !

This is my cat Billy ! He is 4 years old ! He has blue eyes and he is quite big... He is really funny I looooove him so baaad ! He has blue eyes and he squints, that's really funny ! He loves playing with is false mouses.


Beyonce is my idol ! I love her sooo much ! She is amazingly talented. Her voice is amazing and so touching. I love the way she dances and the way she manages her life. She knows what she wants. Beyonce is also really close to her fans ! I've never been to any of her concerts but I would like to so much. Everything that she does is amazing from my point of view naturally ! I looove her.


One of my passion is singing. I really love singing. It really relax me. I sing all the times, in the shower, while I'm doing my homework, in the street everytime however I am. But I am way too shy to sing in public. Even I front of my family... I only sing if it's an obligation...  

Some of my favs song !

I generaly prefer slow songs to loud ones obviously...


My First Skype with Emma <3

Just minutes ago I was in skype with Emma my partner. that was really nice we have a lot of "points communs" ! She also like One Direction as I do ! Her favorite room as mine is her bedroom because she can't be alone and calm. She played HautBois for 5years, it's one of her talent. She aslo sing but She don't think it's a talent (: Emma likes taking pictures and sleeping. Her favorites singersd are Taylor Swift, ed sheeran and also One Direction. She showed me pictures of her bedroom and of Teanfly High School. Her room is really lovely obviously, she loves pink as I do ! Her American figure hero is her mother because she loves her ! I really love Emma she is really cute and nice ! And her french is really nice ! She has a nice accent ! A bientĂ´t Emma ! (: <3

My Hero is.......

So as a surprise, my hero is...BeyoncĂ© Knowles. She is my lifetime hero. I love her because she supports cause that i support too, like humanitary cause. Beyonce sang " I was here" at the UNICEF assembly in 2012, to spread a message of Hope around the world. Also she is a feminism that mean that she supports women cause like the women rights and women educations. The way she sangs there give me gousbombs and sometimes crying. That a part of why i love her. Bey is my hero because through her songs she makes me feel more powerfull and also  feeling  like If I can rule the world that's funny. She also make me remember to smile to life. That's why she is my hero. She is a model for me when I will be older I would like to be a person like her. She aslo supports gay marriage a cause that i also support and where I am also really engaged in because I know gay people that want to get married and the fact that they can't ( but can now ) make me really upset. She posted a pic on Instagram where she changed her lyrics of "Single Ladies" from " If you like it should show and put a ring on it" to "If you like it you should be able to put a ring on it" with the Hastags " We Will Unit for Marriage Equality". That a really noble cause. That's why i love her that muuuuch.

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3 years ago

Hi Violette! I love your Tackk! It's really interesting how many things we have in common. I like to shop, read, hang out with my friends, and take pictures, too. I also like to sing to myself (but never in public)! I'm turning 16 on April 21st, which means that your birthday is my half birthday (we're exactly 6 months apart)! Like you, I'm not a fan of scary movies, but I love TV comedies, like the Office, Parks and Rec, and How I Met Your Mother. I think that cats are adorable (especially Billy), but the only pet I have is a turtle named Suzie. It's really funny how similar we are! I can't wait to get to know you even better :)

3 years ago

That's crazy are we twins?! :p Can't wat too !