9 weeks final #trevizoeoy5

Mr Trevizo Letter of intent 5th period

Raul Meneses

11845 Imperial Gem

El Paso Texas 79936


Employer name

Hollister Co.

8401 Gateway Blvd W

El Paso Texas 79936

Dear Mr./Mrs.

I am responding to the employment opportunity listed on your website. Please accept this letter and accompanying resume as evidence of my interest of position in applying for this job. I believe that my qualities and characteristics will prove to be very beneficial towards your store. Being accepted into this job will help me in my future by giving me experience for the real world. Being accepted will benefit me, but I’m confident that being accepted will also be favorable towards your organization. . I would appreciate your consideration of my credentials. And I welcome the chance to meet with you to hear more about your company, the requirements of the position, and how my skills would be a great fit.

Sincerely, Raul Meneses

Why do we need good people in this world.Raul Meneses 5th period

Let's say you were at a drug store and there was a robbery. You and three other people were in that store. And no one was doing anything to prevent the robber from stopping him to rob the store. I feel that it's important to be a good person and try to help out you're surroundings in being safe. I think that's being a good person and helping out to one another as someone would for you.

People like this are rare in this world and are needed the most. It is important to understand that helping somebody can be a good cause. People don't realize what good can do to this world until it's gone.Doing good can make a change in this world and could impact somebody's life and in a good way. People who help one another get in return something good as well. So don't ever think when you do something great its just for nothing you're also helping yourself by doing it for someone else in general.

So don't just stand there and do nothing and help somebody out.

recommendation raul menses

I strongly recommend my colleague, Samantha Hernandez, for employment at Bahama Bucks. I have had a great time being and working along time with Samantha Hernandez, I have known Samantha for about two years now, and she is an amazing person. When me and Samantha are in groups with other people she is very prepared, dedicated, and very hard worker. I know this because I've seen her play soccer and she a great communicator and a leader on the field. Does hard on everything she does. She is constantly willing to try new things in school jobs and other activities. I highly recommend for you to consider Samantha Hernandez, as an employe. She would work great as someone that can talk and do things for a customer, she would get along with all surroundings. So thank you for reading this letter if you have any question please contact me at



Raul Meneses

Resume  Raul Meneses  5th period 

Career objectives: I hope to be placed in avid my sophomore year

Education history:

July 2014 - May 2018

Pebble hills high school

9th grade

El Paso, Texas

July 2012 - May 2013

Jane A. Hambric

Middle school

El Paso, Texas

Work experience:

January 2015 - April 2015

Barber, cut hair El Paso, Texas

Cut hair, do fades, left them clean af !

Volunteer experience:

March 2015- April 2015

Church, gathering money during church

El Paso, Texas

Awards & certificate:

Mvp football (May 2014)

Citizenship award (May 2014)

Extracurricular activities:

Football, track, soccer,basketball, Avid karate

Hobbies: Football and weights Instagram